Work & Accolades of Anthony Michael Oliver


Anthony is a technologist and entrepreneur.

Attended Michigan Technological University for software engineering with a concentration in robotics and embedded systems.

Is the co-founder of a successfully funded venture backed start-up and one of the core developers of the popular computer vision library around which it was founded. Through this experience he has become a published author, patent holder, mentor to international Google Summer of Code students. He is active participant and advocate in the technology community; using his time and talent to help establish a local non-profit and incubate a vibrant and productive hackerspace.

Has presented at many different technology conferences on various topics; as well as Makerfaire events across the United States, including San Francisco, Detroit, and New York.

Multidisciplinary software engineer with comprehensive experience in application engineering, devops, front and back end development, and vision programming. Over 10+ years experience working in manufacturing deploying robotics, computer vision, software, and data analysis tools. More recently the primary focus has been on cloud infrastructure and kubernetes. He continues to educate himself in numerous technologies.


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